Ford Motor Company vs Robert Lane



In 1999, Robert Lane came into possession of confidential files of Ford Motor Company. He threatened Ford Motor Company saying that he was going to put these files on a website that he maintained. He did end up putting some of the files on this website and Ford Motor Company was not happy. In this case, Lane said that he did not know the person that gave him these files. This case went all the way up to the Supreme Court where they found Lane guilty.


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Online vs. Print Writing


The main difference I can find is that there is a significant difference in the amount of people that can read this article. A newspaper can reach hundreds of people and an online article can reach millions of people. 

Another difference is that when you are writing online your headline should have discoverable words. If I was writing in a paper I would use something more catchy to catch the reader attention. If I had something catchy on the online article it may not be very easy to find in a search engine. For example the title in an online article was different from the print article that I just read in The Chronicle.

The last difference I am going to talk about is the way you write the article. In a magazine you have to worry about entraining people more. Online you do to a certain extend but not as much. If people are searching for a certain topic odds are they want the facts.


Online and Print writing are both trying to gain and keep an audience.

They both want people to read what they have to say.

They are both a form of journalism. 

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Christmas Season

Christmas season is my favorite time of year. Most everyone is happy and you get to see a lot of your friends and family. All my friends go away to school as well so its awesome when we all come home for an extended period of time. We appreciate each other even more.

This weekend my mom and my sisters are going to bake Christmas cookies and spend time together. The week after all my friends and me are having an ugly Christmas sweater party. We all bring all of our favorite dishes and one of us make a ham and we just spend time together. We also all bring a $10 gift and do a swap your neighbor.

I also love to listen to Christmas music. I commute so it’s nice to have a change in music. I will admit eventually this music will get old to me, but as of now I love it. I can also just not listen to it for a while and then go back to it.

My niece and nephew are what make my Christmas the best. This year I am going with them to Colorado on a snow skiing trip. They are so excited and that alone makes this Christmas season perfect.


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Thanksgiving is a great time of year! Everyone on is so happy and getting into the holiday spirit. My family lives all around the United States so this is one of the few times a year that we can all get together. It’s also great that all of my friends are home from school as well. It feels complete when I’m surrounded by all of them.

I also love Thanksgiving dinner.  My family loves to cook so when we get together it is a feast.  We start with homemade cinnamon roles in the morning and all different breakfast casseroles. Then I have to get ready for the three more meals I have after that.

I have to go to my family on my mom’s side for lunch and my dad’s side for dinner. In between that I have to go to my fiancés house for his family meal that is also huge. Every meal is amazing is every meal my family makes sure I have more than enough to eat. It sounds miserable but somehow I keep up and enjoy every meal. I usually hate over eating like that but not on Thanksgiving. I am so excited and cannot wait!

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End of Semester in Fall

The end of semester is a busy time for students. There are always so many projects that are due and at the same time you are worried about your final exams.

The fall semester is the worst in my opinion. There are two major holidays right at the end of the semester that add more stress to that time. People are traveling and trying to get to their families during thanksgiving, which means leaving right when they need to be working on their projects. Also many people are trying to figure out how to accommodate people in their homes and cook a nice meal for their friends and family. This also adds more things to do when they need to be studying and consecrating on projects.

Then everyone has to consider that Christmas is right after school gets out. So people are trying to get all their presents for friends and family while still in classes. When you’re in school it is hard to get presents because you don’t have time to work as much. So at this time you are trying to work as much as you can, scrape up the money so get good presents, and making time to end the semester with great grades.

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Planning a Wedding!

Planning a wedding is supposed to be fun and exciting. Although the things you plan are fun, sometimes it can still be very stressful. There are so many things you have to do. You have to go through a very lengthy checklist that you are expected to get done at a certain time, you have to make sure your entire wedding party is satisfied and is okay with all the things you make them do, and you have to make sure you don’t forget to invite anyone.

If I had to give anyone advice I would tell them to not try to control everything. Try to have fun and not worry about all the small things that really aren’t going to matter in the long run. I had to figure this out on my own. I was worried so much about making other people happy that they had to finally tell me to stop worrying about them and worry about making myself have fun.

You won’t look back on your wedding and thing about all the little problems. You will look back and see how much fun and how excited you were to marry your guy. Relax, have fun, and have a great time!!

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The night I got engaged was amazing. We were in San Diego for vacation and were having a great time. It was the fourth of July so everyone was having a blast but San Diego was also very busy.

Even though it was so crowded Curtis got reservations at this great restaurant right by the ocean. I couldn’t believe it since everywhere was booked. I didn’t know at the time that he booked it before we even got to San Diego. The restaurant was beautiful and had great food.

After the restaurant we went to a nude beach that was really hard to get there. I was skeptical because it was a nude beach and I thought there were going to be so many naked people walking around. When we got to the beach there was no one there. Every other beach was extremely crowded so this was the most romantic spot in San Diego.

We lay on a blanket down on the beach and got ready for the fireworks. He was being really sweet and I had no idea why but I was so nervous. He asked me if I wanted to go for a walk on the beach and I said yes.

After walking for a while he stopped and looked at me. He told me all the reasons why he wanted to be with me forever, he got on one knee, and asked me to marry him. I said yes!


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