Thanksgiving is a great time of year! Everyone on is so happy and getting into the holiday spirit. My family lives all around the United States so this is one of the few times a year that we can all get together. It’s also great that all of my friends are home from school as well. It feels complete when I’m surrounded by all of them.

I also love Thanksgiving dinner.  My family loves to cook so when we get together it is a feast.  We start with homemade cinnamon roles in the morning and all different breakfast casseroles. Then I have to get ready for the three more meals I have after that.

I have to go to my family on my mom’s side for lunch and my dad’s side for dinner. In between that I have to go to my fiancés house for his family meal that is also huge. Every meal is amazing is every meal my family makes sure I have more than enough to eat. It sounds miserable but somehow I keep up and enjoy every meal. I usually hate over eating like that but not on Thanksgiving. I am so excited and cannot wait!

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