The Start of a Very Special Day

This entire day in San Diego was great and I felt like it was planned entirely around me. I had no idea it was going to happen but I did know that Curtis, my boyfriend at the time, was acting different. We started the day out early. Curtis woke me up and asked if I wanted to go to breakfast. We went out to breakfast just the two of us and he was already being very sweet. I kept asking him why he was being so nice and he would just say because I love you or something like that.

After breakfast he asked me if I wanted to go site seeing and to the beach. That is a dangerous thing to do with me because I love to shop. I knew that he only wanted to do that because I wanted to, but I also knew he wasn’t ever going to ask me that again. So I said yes and tried to keep my shopping to a minimum. We went to so many cool places and saw so much.  Everywhere was so exciting and different!

It got to be around two in the afternoon and Curt said we had to go to the apartment so we could get ready for our night. It was the Fourth of July so I didn’t really think anything of leaving early. At that point I had no idea that it was going to be one of the most memorable nights of my life.

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There’s Something Fishy Going on in San Diego

After our first day of trying to find our way around we were more comfortable and ready to see what San Diego was all about. We went to a beach and randomly decided to rent kayaks for the day. This was a blast! The waves were so high going out that we thought we were going to flip. Then once we got out into the ocean farther it wasn’t as hard. We were able to kayak through caves and see sea lions. It was a very fun and romantic day.

The next day we went on a hike that led to a waterfall. This place was amazing! At that time it was the most romantic place I had ever seen. The waterfall was hundreds of feet tall and there were so many things to do there. There was a rope swing, rocks you could jump off, and a very deep body of water.

Every night we made a nice dinner or went out to eat. Everything we did was very fun and romantic. This is nothing like us and I was thinking about that the whole time. I thought it was because my boyfriend at the time just wanted it to be a great vacation because it was our first vacation without my family but I was very wrong. 

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The Start of San Diego

The plane ride to San Diego was an adventure. I have traveled a lot but never without my family so I had no idea how to check in or any of that. Once we got through all of that and got on the first plane I was much calmer. The plane ride was long but it was actually very fun. My boyfriend and I had never vacationed together alone so it was exciting.

When we got to San Diego it was very late and we are the kind of people who need their sleep so we got to bed shortly after we arrived. The next day we had to take our friend to work early in the morning so we could take his jeep for the day. Then we started our adventure. We went on a hike that our friend told us would be good and it was amazing. We climbing all the way to the top and you could see Mexico it was so high up.

After we were done hiking we went into San Diego so explore. The entire day we walked on the beach and went different store that we don’t have in the Illinois. We were determined to eat as much authentic Mexican as possible so for lunch we had our first Mexican meal of the week, with many more to come. 

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Planning my last minute summer vacation

For the fourth of July my boyfriend at that time asked me if I wanted to fly to San Diego. We have a friend down there that we had wanted to see but we had decided on not going since it’s so hard to get away. Finally I decided to go. It was also only a month away and I am a planner so last-minute things are hard for me. He was very persistent and I thought it was cute so I decided to try to be a free spirit and just have fun.

Planning a trip in a month is still hard because there are so many things you have to think about.  I had to make sure the flight was at a time that our friend could pick us up and was not at work. Then I had to make sure we could both get off work. Once I did all that I went online to book the tickets.

Usually we go to places in Mexico or Florida that are not as far away so I was surprised to see how much these tickets were. My boyfriend was paying for them but we were very serious so our money was already pretty much combined. So it was still hard to spend so much on tickets. We decided it was worth it and booked the tickets.  We were a week away from our vacation, I thought we had no plans, and surprisingly I was extremely excited!

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Drinking and Driving by 3M Northallerton 24/7

I love the quotes you put into your post.  They really take all the stupid things that people say when they are about to drink and drive and show them why they are wrong. People that see this post might think twice next time before they decide to get behind the wheel after they have been drinking.

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Welcome to Miami

I have always heard that Miami is really neat. I just went to San Diego this summer and that is the first time I had ever been in California. The only thing that I didn’t like about California was the cost of living. I bought a box of cereal for around $7.00. I live in a small town so paying that much for cereal to me is crazy!

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A Little Bit of a Technology Rant

I think you are exactly right. If we don’t learn to use every aspect of the Internet we are going to be left in the dust. I don’t necessarily love to blog but I do know that it is important for my professional future. People that don’t know how to utilize these resources are going to be very far behind. I guess whether we like it or not were going to have to learn to love all this new technology.

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I really love music too. I like all different types of music and don’t think of myself as bias. However, when you first said this type of music I thought that it would be something that I would not consider. Once I kept reading I realized I enjoyed a lot of the bands that you mentioned. A couple of them I was not aware of. I think that I would consider searching for this type of music to broaden my horizons.

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Europe’s Most Beautiful Wine Growing Region

Your post is very helpful to me. My fiancé and I are planning our honeymoon now and are try to decide where to go. We love to scuba dive so we always pick somewhere like Mexico or Belize to vacation. We also really enjoy wine also. This would be something that we have never done before. It seems romantic as well as very fun!

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Thursday Nights: The way you know you’ve become an adult by My Gears are Grinding

I’m absolutely with you! Last year I felt like I was always going out. Every Thursday I went out with my friends and had a three-day weekend. This year I’m lucky if I have one day in the weekend where I have nothing to do. Although, I don’t think I would change it either, its funny the things that become important.

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It’s a Milestone by J90Allen

I completely agree with you. When you turn 21 you really become an adult. It is not just that you get to drink you are also not held back in many other ways. Many hotels don’t let you book with them unless you are 21 years of age. When you turn 21 it is exciting but now the only thing you have to look forward to is your insurance getting cheaper.

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Thing I love about Fall by NicoleLGill

I love fall too! It’s the start of all the great holidays and most everyone is happy. It’s also so beautiful. I just got my engagement pictures taking and I made sure that I could get them taking in the fall because I though it would be the most beautiful time to take them.

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Happy Holidays by mariahpete

I love the holidays as well, its one of my favorite times of the year. Most everyone is so happy and in high spirits. I absolutely agree with you one the food. I am looking forward to that the most! I feel like during the holidays I eat more and more and never stop.

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What do we have to loose?….weight by Jared Long

I am definitely one of the many eat way too much during this Christmas season. I know it’s terrible but I will even eat more the days before so I won’t get so full to early. I have to go to 4 different places on Christmas alone and eat a meal at every one of them. So I’ll probably be calling you to lose the 10 pounds that I gained during Christmas.

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Boating is my favorite thing to do in the summer. My family really connects during the summer because we all love to be on the water. My niece and nephew are just old enough to start water skiing and wakeboarding and they love it. When they were younger they would tube but every time they would go to ski they would be scared.

I have a large family and we all like to be together so we had to make sure my dad got a boat big enough to fit all of us. We finally found one and this one just barely fits us all. We have a good time anyway though, even if we are all crammed together.

It’s also nice that we have a boat because I get to take my friends out with me. During the summer all of my friends are home from school and we are all very excited to see each other. We live in a very small town so finding something to do can be a struggle sometimes. Having the boat makes our summer that much more fun. We go out at least once a week. When we were younger we would go out three or four times a week with the family but now we are all grown up and have to work.

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